Hallway to New Beginnings

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

On the campus of Benedict College on the second floor of the historic Bacoats Hall building, you will find that we have our own little piece of the world within the Social Work Department. Faculty and staff offices are located there, as well as a student study room, conference room, and a computer lab designated for Social Work majors only. We acknowledge everything and everyone here. You can be from another department and we are willing to help because that what we do as social workers, help others.

I spoke with Purshae Nettles, a graduating senior from Washington D.C., a couple of weeks ago. During our conversation she explained to me how she enjoys the Wellness Board because of all of the card options that are intended to be inspirational. You can chose from Hope, Faith, Peace, Love and Confidence; whichever one you feel you need that day. It also explains different health tips, such as strategies for dealing with mental health problems. There are also tips on healthy eating as well. Unfortunately, many students have mental health challenges but do not know how to deal with them effectively or know who to contact.

I, Tasha' Brown a December graduating senior enjoy seeing the senior wall. It motivates me to push harder because I know I am close to the finish line. It also shows the freshmen that while it may start out tough that there is a light at the end of the tunnel...and it is well worth it! I also enjoy the Graduate School Board because it allows me to see all of the different graduate school opportunities. This helps me and many other students with our decision making process as we determine where we want to continue our education.

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